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The Plan

Every so often I realize that I've been spending too much. As a result I take a month (although the first time was 40 days) and 'fast' on spending. It's not easy, but it's quite helpful in many ways. Each time I've done this I have actually made between 50 and 200 dollars. Combine that with the money I didn't spend, and the fact that I reformed my spending, it can have a big impact financially.


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Cash: $105.93 (-$6.96)

Day 19: Not much to write

As much as I enjoy noodles, I really wanted something more substantial for lunch. Aaron and I went to El Rodeo and I had a bunch of tacos. Work was ... wow I am really getting lazy on these reports... I suppose it's just the mid month blah. I'll have to do more tomorrow. For dinner I made an attempt at some barbeque chicken, but it wasn't too tasty. Good enough for a meal though. I followed that with some Hulu and ice cream and an early bed time. This week has really wiped me out.


Acquired: tacos
Consumed: $6.96, peppermint patti, tacos, yogurt, cheese, bbq chicken, ice cream

Daily cash values: