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Get evened out on things that people owe you

The Plan

Every so often I realize that I've been spending too much. As a result I take a month (although the first time was 40 days) and 'fast' on spending. It's not easy, but it's quite helpful in many ways. Each time I've done this I have actually made between 50 and 200 dollars. Combine that with the money I didn't spend, and the fact that I reformed my spending, it can have a big impact financially.


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Cash: $7 (+$7)

Day 2: Crab oversight

Today I was good and took the bus(es) to the Gateway office. Unfortunately no one told me (and Odessa) that the meeting was cancelled. So we walked back to Torgersen, and griped along the way.

One of the first thing I did was talk to Jackie about a couple of things. One of them was regarding the 4th of July crabs that I bought. Anyone that ate crabs chipped in a bit but Jackie confirmed that he forgot to pay me. From that, $20 bucks came back to me. He was also nice enough to bring me the lunch that I left over at Gateway.

After work I set up a craigslist listing for my old tv. Hopefully I will get that sold off soon! For dinner I had (dollar) sushi with Matt and Melissa at Sake House and spent $13.


Acquired: $20, sushi
Consumed: $13, apple, sushi, spagetti

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