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The Plan

Every so often I realize that I've been spending too much. As a result I take a month (although the first time was 40 days) and 'fast' on spending. It's not easy, but it's quite helpful in many ways. Each time I've done this I have actually made between 50 and 200 dollars. Combine that with the money I didn't spend, and the fact that I reformed my spending, it can have a big impact financially.


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Cash: $157.2 (+$107.13)

Day 30: Wildcat delight

I had a heck of a time getting to sleep last night, had something to do with tossing my cookies around 3am. I decided to stay home for the day just in case it was an illness instead of one of the general stomach grossness that I tend to get. I spent the day cleaning up and ate plenty of leftovers and a frozen lasagna. Which reminds me, I left part of it in the microwave... ok it's put away now. I had some pudding too.

Leigh was nice enough to come by and let me use a bow saw on the Christmas Tree. I gave her some pie to take home as a thankyou. It's a little too wet to bring in the tree but hopefully tomorrow will be drier. Right before she came by I decided to try selling several things online. I didn't expect to get any bites but I was happy to find someone who wanted my big (120+ lbs) beautiful tv. I hate to see it go, but it's really not useful here any longer in my new world of web-tv-watching. The size and weight of it made it a real hassle to move so selling it was a nice way to say goodbye to a tv that has lasted me at least 7 years without any trouble at all. I have no idea how he is going to get that thing out of his back seat. Dinner was dollar sushi night with Matt at Sake House and I of course felt the need to splurge a little and bought a Wildcat roll. Was hard to resist after making so much on the tv.

All Done

Well I suppose that's it, November is done and I made it through pretty easily. The medical reimbursement really carried me through but I still have lots of food I can eat in the house. I know that most folks think that November is too hard of a month to take off but it's really helpful for me to get my financial habits back in line. Since most of my spending is done on credit cards I haven't seen much of a bank level change. Next month though it should be much better. My cards tend to hover around $1500-2000 the most recent bill was only $400. Not too shabby! The hardest part of the whole process was coming up with titles that rhymed with 'right'!

Net accrual: (things that have been acquired but not consumed)
$25 Gap gift card
laptop memory
dinner from Brittany
5 pence coin
christmas gift
Christmas tree


Acquired: $125, sushi
Consumed: $17.87, TV, sushi, microwave lasagna, pudding

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