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  • 1/26/2010 Sally (S'mores Pie)
  • 12/21/2009 PlayDough Cookies
  • 12/11/2009 Cookie balls
  • 12/3/2009 Fast cobbler
  • It's time for a better chow site on the site. Most of my other projects have degenerated to chores. But cooking on the other hand is taking off.
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    Hansford Chili by Sox via Ben

    I think Ben got this recipe from his dad. It was pretty much the first thing I learned to make with actual ingredients. I used to make this for days on end. I would stink up the house.. I think anyone in the house at the time would feel as though they had already ate it. It gets in through your nose mouth, even your tear ducts. Mmm.
    I made this for lots of big events. And have tried to come up with something good as a side dish. I used to make some spicy potatoes. It just seemed to be too much. So stick with the bread and cheese. Oh dear I do love this chili.
    I made it one time completely in my room when I was in the dorm. People knocked on the door at one point with bowls asking for chili. I knew them so I did share. But not much. I am actually smelling it cook now. I am going to get a bowl.

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    Hansford Chili
    Serves: 8   Time: 10 minutes prep, 3-8 hours cooktime

    1 large onion
    1 lb ground beef
    1 can Kidney beans
    1 12oz can tomato paste
    Chili Powder - keep away from super hot chili powder. Just the regular stuff. I make this to be food, not a contest entry.
    1 tsp minced garlic

    Tools: Crock Pot

    Directions: Start the browning the ground beef. Turn the crock pot to low. Put the beans , garlic and tomato paste in the crock pot. I always put something random in at this point. So you should too! Cover the top with chili powder. Just a thin layer will do. Add in water so that it reaches the top of the ingredients. Mix the ingredients.
    Drain the ground beef and flip it over. Cut up the onion. I leave it big enough to be picked out. It's one of the big things removed from food, some people like the taste of onions, but don't like to actually be aware they are eating them. (dig up some onion juice for your pantry its the best for getting the flavor without the onion) Add the onions to the crock pot. Drain the beef again and break it into smaller pieces.Add another layer of chili powder.
    Add the beef into the crock pot. Add another layer of chili powder. Mix everything until it all looks the same. Add water until it covers the mix.
    Cook the chili with the lid on. Allow it to cook for a couple of hours every time you mix it add more chili powder. I used about hmm half the container. I have used less before and it ended up tasting too much like tomato paste. So don't be afraid of it. As long as you don't get something that is super hot, chili powder is tame. Cook it until the water is gone. I like to be able to stand the mixing spoon in it with it only in a half inch. Serve with cheese if you like, and bread is always good too :)