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  • 1/26/2010 Sally (S'mores Pie)
  • 12/21/2009 PlayDough Cookies
  • 12/11/2009 Cookie balls
  • 12/3/2009 Fast cobbler
  • It's time for a better chow site on the site. Most of my other projects have degenerated to chores. But cooking on the other hand is taking off.
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    Wings! by Sox and Hood

    I had to find the best way to make wings, so I went to my man Bill "Hood" Spicer. See in order to know how to cook things like wings or ribs, you really have to be in food service at some point. Lots of people can cook, and come up with cool recipies. Wings, are a pretty ugly food and don't lend themselves to being something you prepare for a dinner party.
    Actually I take that back. I was recently at a house of a friends who was cooking lots of ritzy stuff and yes there were wings, baked. she said aren't they great? They're so much better for you than fried wings. Totally missed the point. Sheesh.
    Bill told me all about the ways of flash frying. I am going to hit him up for some rib stylin later. I have a good sauce now.

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    Serves: lots   Time: 10 minutes per dozen

    Frozen Chicken Wings (as much as you can eat)
    Biggest thing of Peanut oil you can find

    Tools: Heavy duty foil
    a big sturdy pot

    Directions: Cover the stove with foil, this will prevent splattering oil from burning your house down, and make cleaning soooo much easier. Also, disengage any smoke detectors. It's a good idea to turn on any ventilation fans over the stove. I also put a fan in the window of the kitchen blowing out. I know this seems like overkill, but most of my wingfest-guests sat on the porch until I got the fan going.
    Fill the pot with about an inch or two (for bit pots) of oil. Turn the heat to high. You won't notice it boiling. Dip the end of a wing in to check if it is hot enough. When the oil explodes in a madness of icy wing atrocities, its ready. Did you catch that? You put the wings in while they are still frozen.
    Put in about 10 wings. Watch your hands, or you'll get burned... cook them 10 minutes. Pull them out with some good tongs. Shake the extra oil off the wings back into the pot. Mix them up in the sauce of your choice.
    Need to make lots? Run two big pots with abut 15 wings at a time. 5 minutes apart. It will let you make them much faster. (about 200% more )
    Serve with celery and Blue Chi's Dip