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How is it that I am not a fatty?

The New Plan

Remember how I did NoSpend November last year? Well this year I decided to try it in December. There are a couple of reasons for this shift. First of all I had a vacation planned already for November so I didn't want to skimp on it since vacations for me are so rare. The other reason is that while last November was difficult (primarily because of football season) it wasn't as big a stretch to pull off. Christmas is a big spending time and I found that instead of really saving on holiday spending, it could have been differed. So is it really no spend? Tough call.


So this time I figured I would get back into the blogging habit by No Change November showing you what happens in a typical month for me. I will do my best to be realistic about it and not restrict my spending out of shame since you're watching! The only noted difference is that I am not allowing Christmas presents to get stockpiled a head of time. A benefit of this activity is for me to see how well I can track my spending. In this age of digital payments I rarely look at bank accounts or credit card statements. Lets see how it goes!


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Check out the other spending pages too!

Cash: $1593.36 (-$93.37)

Day 29: Bad Memory

I have no idea what's wrong with me I haven't been able to track down the receipts for anything I did on Monday. What the heck? They were on the bed, and then .. poof gone. So I will have to wait and see what the credit cards say. Ugh.. so what did I do today? Car tax fee thing was due today so I paid that online for the car and truck. Lunch was a very tasty Hokie House. Wings are on special Mondays so it was easy to convince several people from the office to go. Sadly they were low on wings so only three servings were available. I opted for the Buffalo Chicken Philly sandwich (wings in a bun). So tasty. Work was filled with the usual excitement of a Monday after a break. Lots of meetings and catching up and such. For dinner I intended to eat up some of the turkey but Dacia and I ended up going to Red Robin. We talked through the news of the day and got some good ideas for her classes. Sadly both of our burgers were not very well cooked. It was tasty though. TV and sleep rounded out the night.


Acquired: burger, chicken sandwich, nap
Consumed: $93.37, yogurt, chicken sandwich, burger

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