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    Black bean tacos by Sox

    One night I decided to use this fajita marinade that I had sitting around for a long time. I went and got peppers, steak, tortillas, sour cream and shredded cheese and made some dinner up for Jul, Lindy and myself. It was really good... the next day I wanted to get back to eating fajitas, but it was just to complicated and lunch is a lazy meal. So I did some adjusting and substituted the meat with black beans. I love me some black beans. I eat these all the time. Liza likes them too because anytime I make them she gets some cheese.

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    Black bean tacos
    Serves: 1   Time: 2 minutes

    Canned black beans
    Small flour tortillas
    Shredded cheese
    Sour cream
    Bell Peppers

    Tools: Microwave

    Directions: Drain the can of beans. Put the beans and cheese on a tortilla, as many as you want. Microwave the tortillas on a plate for 30 seconds per taco. Add peppers, and sour cream when cooked. Store the beans buy putting the whole can in a ziplock bag. Refrigerate.