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    Quick crab dip by Sox

    Lots of places have good crab dip. The best I have had was in Seattle on my big road trip. They served theirs with toasted french bread or something like that. Lots of people around here like The Cellar's cajun shrimp dip. I would argue that it is inconsistent there. Often too runny or too spicy.

    For Liza's birthday I got creative and busted out a crab dip of my own. She had a little, the rest was devoured by all the guests at her 10th birthday party. Enjoy! It's mighty tasty.

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    Quick crab dip
    Serves: 8   Time: 7 minutes

    She crab soup (or any cream based crab soup)
    1 box of philly cream cheese
    1 tsp Old Bay
    bread (pitas, or toasted rounds of baguette are great)

    Tools: Microwave

    Directions: Dump half the can of crab soup and the cream cheese into a microwavable bowl. Microwave for 5 minutes on medium/high. Remove from microwave and mix with in Old Bay seasoning with a spoon. Serve with bread