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    Juice by Sox

    When I was little I could always count on having Crystal Light Lemonade in the fridge. When I got an apartment of my own I started making it but wanted to try something new. I tried making raspberry ice tea, but I really don't like drinking caffeine. Then I tried Raspberry Ice, but it tasted like I was drinking Jello. This combo drink is a common request at my place. I don't know why it is so good. Just works. Anyhow the only problem with it, is the raspberry mix gets everything red (stains worse than red wine). I swear that my lungs are all healthy and pink looking just because I breath in the dust from this stuff. I know, its a lame recipe but hey it's great!

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    Serves: 8   Time: 7 minutes

    Raspberry Ice Crystal Light
    Lemonade Crystal Light

    Tools: 1 Gallon Pitcher
    Wooden Spoon

    Directions: Add one package of each Crystal light to the pitcher and fill with water. Refrigerate.