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  • It's time for a better chow site on the site. Most of my other projects have degenerated to chores. But cooking on the other hand is taking off.
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    Cheese Steak by Sox

    I used to get cheesesteaks at this one place on campus. They were so good. This guy Mohamed ran the place. He was super nice. I started watching what they put on the steaks and I started trying it at home. I got it down pretty well This recipe gets the benefit of onion flavor without having to have fresh onions on hand. The other trick was getting cheese that was good. I can't stand that provolone stuff. When I was in Philly on a trip they used American cheese. So I do too. Get yourself a 12 pack of cheese, a 12 back of steakums, and a 6 rolls, and you got a weeks worth of lunch done.

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    Cheese Steak
    Serves: 1   Time: 7 minutes

    crushed red pepper
    garlic powder
    black pepper
    minced onions
    2 steak ums
    2 pieces of american cheese
    sourdough subroll (unsplit)

    Tools: two spatulas, and a pan that you don't mind scraping up

    Directions: Put two seakums in the pan side by side (4 thin steak things). Turn the heat to medium. Add about equal amounts of spices.. Sometimes I tone down the red pepper, depending on who I am cooking for. Set a timer for 5 minutes. When the timer goes off, flip the steaks over, and use the two spatulas to cut the steaks. Use one spatula to hold the steak down and pull the meat apart with the other. Add the cheese on the meat. and turn off the heat. Cut the roll open and set it on a plate. In the time it takes to get the roll out and cut it, the cheese will have melted just right. use a spatula to put the cheesesteak into the roll and serve.