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Liza, how come my pants never fit? No matter how much bigger I keep buying them, they are always too small.

- Taikara

Liza loves sleeping on the old blanket. They just don't make them like they used to. Maybe you could find a place that sells vintage stuff. Perhaps if you can get some pants that are sized like they used to be, they'll be a better fit. Not to mention nice and worn in.

Liza, Why does Pete have a picture of Chris topless on the Reply TV's screensaver images list? It's really disturbing and I often see it if I am eating in the living room. Makes me loose my appetite sometimes. It's on the web page from the pictures of building the deck too. I know it disturbs others. Does it bother you too? Thanks. P.S. Belly scratches if you convince Pete to get rid of it.

- Kos-mo

Liza was under the lamp keeping warm. She appreciates any chance to find some way to keep toasty. I'd bet that if it were her, she'd be outside sunning her hairy tummy too. As a compromise, we swapped the Replay picture of Chris with the picture from her response here. Hope that helps!

I understand you have recently bought a house, and I saw what a great job you did fixing it up. My husband and I are just starting to look for our first house and I was hoping you had some advice. What do we need to know?

- Kristi

As you most likely know my now, Liza spends a large amount of time in her window. It's a super comfy spot for her to relax. New houses can be a great addition to your life, but be sure that you have a spot in your new home where you can relax.

I was recently offered a new job, but they are going to do a credit check. Thanks to my ex-boyfriend, my credit is super stinky. My friends are all trying to be supportive in saying that it won't matter, but I can't get rid of the knot in my stomach. Any advice on not worrying? And if you have the time, any advice on how to take revenge on the ex-boyfriend that caused the bad credit in the first place? Thanks Liza! Taikara

- Taikara

In her wandering, Liza found that the crawlspace was closed up. She hates that and will just sit there and yell at me until I open it up, since she can't do it on her own. Once I let her in, everything is fine though, and she sits in the hot crawlspace and enjoys a nap. You should relax too. The credit check is out of your control, but once it's over you can just go and sit in a nice comfy place and ponder the merits of hiding ex-boyfriend bodies in crawlspaces.

How do you strike such as perfect balance between work and play? I'd like to learn from your highly successful lifestyle.

- Nick

Sorry Nick, but Liza flat out refused to wake up. Make sure you find some time to take a break and don't let anyone stop you.

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