840 Sauce (Spicy Barbeque Garlic Wing Sauce) by Sox

Serves:8   Time: 5 minutes

4 T fresh garlic, crushed
4 T Paprika
1/2 T salt
4 T Chili powder (can be reduced by half)
4 T Cayenne pepper (can be reduced by half)
4 T Tomato puree'
4 T olive oil
4 T honey
4 T Vinegar
--save till last--
-coating- black pepper
-coating- Crushed red pepper
Cooked Chicken Wings (as much as you can eat)

Tools: Large bowl

Directions: In a large mixing bowl, mix all the dry measured ingredients and the garlic. Mix in the the tomato puree, olive oil, honey, and vinegar (in that order). Once completely mixed scrape all the sauce down off the sides of the bowl into a 'pile of sauce'
Cover the top of the sauce with a sparse coating of black pepper. Mix in the pepper. Do the same with the red pepper. Use the red pepper to reach the desired level of heat you want. I bottled mine in a squeeze ketchup bottle. Flower or corn starch (1-3T) can be added to thicken.
add a 4 T (approx) to a large bowl add 6-10 wings (fried in peanut oil for 10 minutes on high in a big pot), stir to coat.

a recipe from soxite.com