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    I got da blues - 4/15/06

    Along with all of the strawberry plants, I also ordered blueberry bushes. I was happy to see that they were in great shape as well. 6 little bushes. These plants, like the strawberries, had 3 kinds. A sample of early, mid, and mid-late season berries. Since I still had the tiller around, I dug a trench along the driveway.

    Each of the plants went in easily. To them I added a few bushes that I had planted on the side of the house before. 9 Plants in all, though I think that one is not going to make it.

    To make watering easier I put in a soaker hose and covered them all in mulch. I think maybe I should add in some sort of border to it all. But that will have to come later. With any luck. I should have lots and lots of tasty berries this summer!