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  • 11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 3
  • 11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 2
  • 11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 1
  • 11/14/08 Footprints in the sand
  • All old woodworking projects except the deck fence have been copied (but not removed) from here to Woodwork. Now you'll have two pages to come see for updates on my projects!
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    Squeakie - 7/11-12/04

    Upstairs in the bathroom area of things, there was quite a bit of progress. Todd and Gwen did a lot of the floor things we needed to have done before the rest was finished. Jul and I came over and polished off the shower. Please note that there were at least 6 pictures of me in the shower with the drill. I figured you wouldn't mind if I reduced it to just this one. After some of that was finished Jul and I came back the next day to help out with the rest of the walls and some finishing touches to the shower